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sure!… -gives the hat-

you know, you can stay with my hat…

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and what is your name?…

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(ok, I’m going to the office slowly, and let the lovebirds…)

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(We will always count on Batter…)

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(( ooooh well„, how long time!„, I miss you so much guys!„, I’ve been very busy these days, well, months,many things have happened to me, I got a temporary job, and I try to continue my education at a time„,

the important thing is„ em„, I decided to revive this beautiful blog„, really„, sorry for this long hiatus„, plus I did not warn this„, 

„, finally let the fun begin!„, ))

"hey hey, happy to see me?…"

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do you know how hard it is to explain OFF to someone

"hey dude what’s OFF"

"oh it’s a game where ur a baseball player who kills ghosties with a bat because you need to purify the world and it’s your sacred mission also you buy shit from a sex god behind a mask also u take orders from a talking cat and kill babies"


(( all day, everyday, me„, ))